Nurses Week Countdown


  Your Nurses Need (and Deserve) More than Just a Celebration this Year!  

  Your nurses need (and deserve) a LIFT!  

We want to present an idea to you that is a LIFT, a GIFT, and a SHIFT.

Bust burnout & boost resiliency

Nurses are always at risk of burnout. There has never been a MORE important time to teach resiliency-building strategies that combat burnout in both the short and long-term. 

Elevate compassion satisfaction 

To keep going through COVID, and frankly, to retain nurses in the long-term, we need to help nurses shift out of compassion fatigue and back into compassion satisfaction.

Celebrate greatness & generosity

Last year was "The Year of the Nurse" but ask any nurse and they didn't feel it was their year. This is our opportunity to celebrate their passion, commitment and legacy.

YES! But we have no time!

YES! But we're burnt out, too, as leaders!

YES! But we can't get staff away from their work!

YES! But the coms team & HR can't take on another thing!

We get it! That's why we do it all for you. And we mean ALL.


In partnership with Wambi...

We make all of this happen for you in just ONE phone call.

We are here to help you celebrate your nurses!

Sarah McVanel


International Recognition Expert

Stephanie Staples


Psychosocial Wellness Expert  

Tami Adams

Event Concierge  

Event Management Expert

  -> 4 LIVE interactive virtual keynotes offered twice over 4 days

  -> Day, evening & night programs so all shifts feel included

  -> One simple sharable link to invite all to participate

  -> Posters, scripts, & resources to make communication easy 

  -> Social media assets to make external celebration easy  

  -> 1 small investment for a BIG positive impact  

Four Topics Nurses Need in 2021

May 12 - Night shift

May 14 - Day shift

May 11 - Night shift

May 13 - Night shift

May 12 - Afternoon shift

May 13 - Day shift

May 12 - Morning shift

May 13 - Afternoon shift

PLUS a celebration on May 14th Afternoon shift with Sarah & Stephanie!

We will let you know the exact time by your timezone.


Is it Spring already? How did that happen?

What a year it’s been. Think about where you were 18 months ago. Sure, nurses are perpetually always running off their feet, juggling more than could get done in a shift, and giving, giving, giving. COVID has brought that demand on them to a whole new level.

If there is ever a time to celebrate them, it’s this year- 2021 - May 11th to 14th.

But who has the time to plan a celebration? You, too, are running off your feet. That’s why this year, we want to take the planning off your hands and make it super easy for you. You and your nurses will get more for your investment in this nurses week celebration than you could ever imagine!


You only invest based on the size of your nursing workforce.

Learn More About Your Speakers

Sarah McVanel, MSc, is Canada's Recognition Expert, an international speaker, & former "organizational therapist" to hospitals for over 15 years. Having coached hundreds of leaders & healthcare teams, she understands the strain of the caring professions. Learn how the exponential power of recognition can reduce burnout, turnover, bullying, compassion fatigue & work dissatisfaction. 

Stephanie Staples,  reWired nurse, coach & healthcare consultant has burnt-out & bounced forward! She serves nurses from the Middle East to the Mayo Clinic, sharing insights, ideas & inspiration proven to increase feelings of hopefulness, happiness, empowerment to create positive change & deal with stress.  

What others are saying about your healthcare speakers

About Sarah:

About Stephanie:

" I have no words – you are so awesome!!!!!!

CNO, Niagara Health System

  “Steph far surpassed my expectations!”

CEO, Ochiltree General Hospital   

"We were enthralled by your talk, reminding us of the importance of recognition every day!"

Senior Director, Dietitians of Canada

"Fun, interactive and highly engaging, my team loved it!” 

Nursing Coordinator, Island Health  

"Excellent promotion of the power of positivity! I need more of this! We will definitely use this in the OR."

RN, Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada

“Unconventional, attention-grabbing ideas that I can use immediately to improve myself.” 

CNO, Memorial Health System

"Sarah is dynamic, fun and effective. She is outstanding."

Regional Supervising Coroner, Province of Ontario

 “World Class, any organization would do well to invest in Stephanie.” 

CEO, Fredonia Hospital     

Join these LIVE sessions with Q&As. 

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